Compliments, Complaints & Comments

Improving services through customer feedback

Avenue Services is committed to giving our residents an excellent service.  To make sure this happens, we will respond immediately to any complaint, whether about a minor glitch or major error. We also appreciate your comments and compliments where appropriate.

Customer Compliments and Comments

If you have a compliment or comment to make, please email the team at We would like to hear your views.



We always try to provide the best quality service to our residents. However, there can be times when we don’t provide the level of service we’ve promised or that you’d expect from us.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone using, receiving or affected by our services can make a complaint. This includes residents, customers, leaseholders, non-residents or anyone who pays us a service/estate charge.

It also includes people who have applied to us for housing, support or other services.

When should I complain?

If you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with any aspect of our service (for example the standard of repairs, missed appointments, staff conduct etc), you should let us know.

Complaints are an important way of telling us how we’re performing and they help us to improve the quality of the services we provide to you.

How do I make a complaint?

There are a number of ways you can let us know that you’re unhappy with the service we’re providing:

• by talking to us in person

• by calling us

• by writing a letter or email

• via our website.

You can find our full contact details shown below.

The complaints process:
There are three stages to our complaints process which is explained below:

Front Line Resolution;
We try to resolve most complaints when you first contact us. We
aim to do this within 10 working days or less.


If we can’t resolve your complaint when you first get in touch with us, we’ll launch an investigation.

Independent review;

If you don’t feel as though we’ve resolved your complaint following the investigation, you can ask for an independent review. Your complaint will then be looked at by an independent trained resident or by an independent resident panel. They will decide if we have treated you fairly and done everything we can to resolve your complaint.

We’ll do our best to resolve your complaint within the target times shown above. However, some issues can take longer to investigate. If this is the case, we’ll discuss this with you and agree a response time that is satisfactory with you.

What can I do if I’m still unhappy?

If you’re still unhappy after following our complaints process, you have the right to ask that your complaint is looked at by a ‘designated person’.

The ‘designated person’ can be:

• your local MP

• a local councillor

• a recognised resident panel.

The ‘designated person’ might be able to help you resolve your complaint directly or they might refer it on to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

The Housing Ombudsman Service is an independent organisation which deals with disputes between social landlords and their residents.

You can contact the Housing Ombudsman Service at:

Housing Ombudsman Service, 81 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN

T:0300 111 3000


Please note that the Housing Ombudsman Service will only investigate your complaint if it has been through our complaints process.

If you need to speak to a Sanctuary member of staff in your own language, please contact your local office and they will arrange an interpreter for you.

Sanctuary Housing, Hindle House, Trinity Way, Adderbury, Banbury, OX17 3DZ

0800 131 3348 / 0300 123 3511


If your complaint relates to Cheshire West and Chester Council services, such as

  • waste collection and bins,
  • street lighting,
  • highways, pot holes or
  • council tax

Please report this direct to CWaC through one of the below:



Avenue Services is a community company