Grounds Maintenance

Summer Schedule

From early March through to September we will cut the grass at all sheltered schemes, open spaces and communal gardens, as follows:

  • On the first cut of the season all grass will be cut and collected
  • All grass cuts thereafter will be cut and flown and all edges will be strimmed and paths blown free of grass.
  • Turnaround for cuts during the growing season can fluctuate but a 15 to 21 calendar day turnaround is the target, which also allows for bank holidays.

The first hedge cut of sheltered schemes, communal areas and any open spaces will commence in May.

Winter Schedule

Shrub pruning will commence in November through to February on all sheltered schemes, open spaces and communal areas.

Hedges will also receive a second cut between November and February.

Gritting will be carried out to assist the caretakers in spells of particularly adverse weather especially around all our sheltered properties.

Enclosed garden work – Free Discretionary Gardening Service.

At present the enclosed garden service is discretionary and offers 4 visits from April to October to give a basic grass cut and 2 hedge cuts if required. No weed spraying or shrub pruning is undertaken.  Resident’s green waste wheelie bins will be used to dispose of any green waste. Residents can apply for this service by completing an application form and signing to declare they meet the following criteria

  • Disabled with no family living at the property or within the Chester District.
  • Senior Citizen with no family living at the property or within Chester District.


Residents are responsible for trees in their gardens unless they receive assisted gardening services from the Trust.  Trees on communal, sheltered and open spaces will be monitored for Health and Safety reasons only and any works required will be for this reason only.

Avenue Services is a community company