Olivia comes up with winning design

30 April 2018

Blacon teenager Olivia Purcell showed she has a flair for being creative after helping to design a poster for the new Blacon Adventure Playground website.

As part of the launch, we asked local young people who visit the Adventure Playground to channel their inner Banksy and come up with ideas for a poster to promote the website.

Olivia, who regularly visits the Kipling Road attraction with friends, got her thinking cap on and designed the picture that inspired the poster below.

In recognition of her efforts, Olivia was presented with a £20 shopping voucher by Paul Knight, Head of Avenue Services, and Adventure Playground manager Sandra Hewitt.

Paul Knight said: “The Adventure Playground is hugely popular with many young people in and around Blacon and we felt it only right that they should be involved in the website design process.

“I would like to congratulate Olivia on her artwork and hope she enjoys spending the voucher.”

Visit the website here and find out about everything that’s going on down at the Venny.


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