Avenue Services provides caretaking and cleaning on the Blacon estate and across Cheshire West to buildings owned by Sanctuary Housing.

What caretaking and cleaning is carried out in low rise (under six storeys) blocks of flats?

Every week, for low rise (under six storeys) blocks of flats, we will:

  • Clean all internal communal areas including stairs, banisters, inside of windows and sills.
  • Clean around front and rear communal entrances including main doors, glass and frames.
  • Remove all cobwebs from main door entrances and camera systems if fitted.
  • Check and clear communal yards of bulk rubbish.

What caretaking and cleaning is carried out in high rise (above six storeys) blocks of flats?

We will:

  • Mop foyer and front entrance daily
  • Pick litter around the shrub beds daily
  • Clean lifts and mirrors daily
  • Check communal fixtures and fittings daily
  • Visually inspect all floors twice a day
  • Clean all stairwell banisters once a week
  • Clean communal window sills once a week
  • Sweep and mop all floors and stairwells once a week
  • Clean bin room once a week
  • Monitor CCTV when required
  • Clear spillages and unblock bin chutes when required
  • Deep clean floors twice a year.
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