History comes to life for pupils in Blacon

4 June 2018

History is coming to life for children in Blacon through an innovative and immersive project taking place in local schools.

Backed by £10,000 funding from Avenue Services, the Living History Hub Company has been visiting primary schools in the area to inspire children to learn more about the past.

The sessions, featuring a variety of fun, hands-on activities, have been delivered for pupils from Reception age right up to Year Six, reaching almost 1,000 children in total.

Children have learned how the Romans built their homes , what it was like to grow up during the air raids of World War Two and how to write and crack the secret codes that were used during the English Civil War.

As part of the project, Avenue Services is also funding and assisting the Living History Hub to plan and deliver a one-off festival at Blacon High School on Saturday 9 June, where pupils will perform alongside leading re-enactment societies.

Chris Leicester, neighbourhood partnerships manager at Avenue Services, said: “The Living History sessions have been enthusiastically received and, from the highly positive feedback from schools, parents and pupils alike, it is clear they have been a fantastic success.

“We are always looking to support innovative projects that bring generations together and inspire and educate young people in our community.”

Ed Abrams, of the Living History Hub, commented: “Children are at the start of their life journey and what better way to prepare them for their futures than by bringing them together with others in our community to help them to understand the past.

“We pride ourselves on making education fun, immersive and hands-on and we’re so grateful to Avenue Services for its support, enabling us to bring history to life for almost 1,000 young people in Blacon.”

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